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As I’m sure you know Jordan and I are both Aggies. We met the last month, last semester of college. We met through mutual friends as friends and our love for each other became official that next November. We’ve been through long distance, a New years eve in New York City, a birthday at Disney world, and have traveled all over Texas together in our 2 years.

Our Engagement: The last week of October…is not the weekend we got engaged. Jordan has a job that requires him to work weird shifts. This would be a weekend he wouldn’t have off, and he knew he was missing out on something big. His good friend Tyce was proposing to my friend Jacquelyn. We had been planning for months and everything went perfectly. The day after their engagement Jac had texted me asking if I would mind taking some engagement photos of them around campus next weekend before the game. I of course said yes, and started looking at other photos from around campus so I could get some ideas going, I’m not professional photographer. Well, when I shared this info with Jordan he was upset he would be working again and wouldn’t get to see his friends a second time! He had some special training that he couldn’t get re-scheduled. The week went by and Friday was here. My parents had decided to get a hotel room so they wouldn’t have to deal with early traffic to the game. This saved my butt, because I would have had to be up so early to get there in time for pictures. (11am games suck!) Well Saturday morning rolled around and my whole family was up and getting ready. They said they would drive me to campus and drop me off and head to the tailgate. I met Tyce at the MSC looking spiffy and we headed to the Century Tree where Jac and her sister were finding good places to take photos. We entered academic plaza and I noticed a flash and thought to myself “that’s weird”. As we got closer I noticed there were corp members lining the sidewalk toward the century tree. In my head I thought there was about to be a proposal here and we are going to be seriously in the way. We finally got to Sully and I noticed that flashing light was the flash from a photo being taken of me. Tyce took my big camera from off my shoulder and pushed me along. I got to the end of the walk (that I could not see was covered in rose pedals) and walked under the perfect saber arch. (Jordan was in the corp  and he knows how much I wish I would have known him then, so the saber arch was perfect). When I got to him I gave him the biggest hug I could and he lifted me off the ground. He gave me his little speech and the next thing you know it WE WERE ENGAGED. We walked back down the path where I then saw all of our friends and family! It was the most perfect day and I wish I could re-live it all the time!

Our Wedding: I’m sure you will see many updates on and how I stay organized for our wedding. As for now all we have is our date and our Venue!


Can’t wait to share this journey with you guys!