Our Wedding Video

I cannot control my excitement! If you haven’t already checked out my wedding day post you can get to it here!

Our wedding was an absolute dream come true and everything went so perfect. We did have a few curve balls thrown in there, like 32 degree weather and some rain. But, boy oh boy did it make for some incredible photos and video work.


If you have any other questions about wedding details leave a comment below!

Our Wedding

Our Wedding

You guys! I have been wanting to share all the wedding things for the longest time, but let’s be real I just got married. Not only has it been 1 months since we got married, but it is Rodeo season here in Houston and that keeps Jordan and I very busy! BUT I have finally made some time to share all of our favorite things about our wedding!

Jordan and I got married on February 9th 2019, and it was the most perfect day of my life. Things went wrong, like they do in every wedding, but not a single thing bothered me. I married the absolute LOVE of my life and we were beginning this amazing journey whether the cake fit on that cake stand or not! The entire day went so fast so my advice to future brides is to take in every minute. Even if you’re running around like a crazy person, find a couple of seconds to stop, look around, and say “this is my wedding day”. Taking a moment to actually look and feel everything around you will be the moments you remember most in the future! If things go wrong roll with it, you don’t want to look back and realize you spent such an amazing day being stressed and not enjoying it. We woke up to 30 degree weather (IN TEXAS, come on now) and it kinda rained during our wedding. I could have cared less!

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