Disney Wedding Photos

Disney Wedding Photos

Hello again! I needed to share with you guys that I had an absolute ‘dream-come-true-moment” a couple of weeks ago. I was in Disney World, as I often am, and Jordan and I did something I have been wanting to do FOR YEARS!

By the photo above and the title, I’m sure you have figured it out by now. We shipped my wedding dress and his suit to Disney World and took wedding portraits while we were there! It was a surprise to me when Jordan booked it, but he just knows me too well! I was very upset when I had originally called to book a in the Magic Kingdom and they let me know AS OF JANUARY 2019 they no longer allow bridal attire portraits in the Magic Kingdom unless you are a Disney bride. I obviously was not and that killed me. But, Jordan to the rescue! We would take wedding photos at the Grand Floridian where you can see the Castle in the distance!

Our photo shoot was an hour of pure joy! Walking around Disney in my dress made me so giddy I can’t even describe it. And I’m not embarrassed to say my day was made as a little girl passed me and whispered to her mom “a real-life princess!”

If this is something you are interested in I HIGHLY recommend checking it out at http://disneyfineartphotography.com/! They have a ton of different packages, locations, and price ranges! They have a ton of photographers to choose from and we got lucky enough to get Jaime and her assistant Dean! Both of them were absolutely incredible. When you book your package they send you a questionnaire to get to know you and whoever else might be in the shoot, what style photos you like, as well as your top 3 photographers you would want!

Check out more of their work below and comment below if you have ANY questions because I could talk about this all day!

Our Wedding Video

I cannot control my excitement! If you haven’t already checked out my wedding day post you can get to it here!

Our wedding was an absolute dream come true and everything went so perfect. We did have a few curve balls thrown in there, like 32 degree weather and some rain. But, boy oh boy did it make for some incredible photos and video work.


If you have any other questions about wedding details leave a comment below!