I thought this could be a fun weekly post of the outfits I wear throughout the week. Because my week switches between going into the office and working from home. So you get a good mixture of “Business Casual” and Comfortable/at home casual! 

So here we go!

Monday an in the office day, and to be honest I only can wear so many of my clothes these days pregnant but at least that helps that most of everything I’m wearing is non maternity! This outfit is nothing crazy, but was super comfy. These are the spanx faux leather leggings, I’m wearing them in maternity but I also have them in the regular. Then this tunic is from Nordstrom and I have it in MANY colors. I will have to say though the front fabric winkles very easily! Also linked some other similar tops!

Tuesday- Another office day and I actually had a lot of fun with this outfit. Just a skirt from Loft, and then I wore a normal sweater that I did the bra tuck in to show off the bump, before the bump I did it to help see more of the skirt and elongate my body.

Wednesday- Finally a day at home, which I relaxed a lot in my align lululemon leggings, and a comfy pullover. 

Thursday- Back in the office and rocking the same align leggings, some riding boots, and a longer SUPER comfy shirt. This is a maternity shirt, but can also be worn as non maternity. 

Friday- I was at home, but I did get dressed up in leggings, one of my favorite loft sweaters and these puffer jacket that comes in petite, which make the fit SO GOOD.

You Need a Budget

So, I think as a child it was for sure pushed on me the value of a dollar and making sure you save money! I still think that way and Jordan is very “you can’t take it with you”, so he and I make a really nice balance in our life together!

As you know we will be adding another member to our family in March which you need money for! To keep us on track and get to our goals we have set for ourselves I like to use the YNAB app. Which means you need a budget! I personally have been using it for 6 years and LOVE it. 

Step 1: Open a YNAB account! I used to use the manual program that was a one time fee and you downloaded it to the computer, but I now use their online version that will pull your transactions directly from your bank account! Use this link and get 1 month free! 

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First Trimester Recap

First of all I can’t even begin to describe how excited we are to be having this little boy! And thank you so much to all the love and support from everyone who has reached out and prayed for this sweet sweet boy. 

May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors

What’s the back story? 

If you are new around here I will try and catch you up in a short and sweet way. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for quite some time before we decided to seek help. I am a planner at heart so when this wasn’t working for us I took it really hard. I saw my doctor in December of 2020 and expressed my concerns and asked if there was anything she could do for us before seeing a fertility specialist. She ran typical blood work, which all came back normal, and then an internal and external ultrasound along with a Hysterosalpingography. Which is a very long word for an uncomfortable procedure where they shoot dye into your fallopian tubes to see if there is any blockage. Ding Ding Ding, my right fallopian tube was completely blocked off with scar tissue. This was then causing a fluid to back up into my uterus so even if I had a successful fertilized egg from the other side the fluid would sleep it from implanting. I did still go see a fertility specialist which led us to find out I had a low AMH, which means low egg count and I was highly encouraged to do IVF once I got my tube removed. I did decide to have the fallopian tube removed in March 2021. For the rest of the story on that process, and us deciding to hold off on IVF you can check out this youtube video here

How did I find out I was pregnant?

I actually had a chemical pregnancy in June of 2021, this hurt so bad. It had happened before, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen again after I had my surgery. But, we decided to stay positive and see that my body is moving in the right direction! My husband is a state trooper, and is currently working shifts on and off at the border. Which means he’s gone for 2 weeks at a time. Well, while he was at the border I missed my period. I didn’t think anything of it, because honestly after surgery my periods weren’t very consistant, and it’s very possible for your period to take 4 to 6 weeks to return after a chemical pregnancy or miscarriage. When my husband got home (around 8am, exhausted from a 6 hour drive) I took a test. I couldn’t look at it though. So he walked into the bathroom and picked it up. He looked down at it and then at me as he flipped it around and once I realized it said positive I noticed the giant smile on his face! I jumped into his arms with so much excitement. Excitement from a positive test, but also excitement knowing I should be 6 weeks pregnant if the math was right which is further than I had ever gotten! 

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