Leaving Paris (day 6&7)

Sorry for lack of post yesterday. It was a late night that ended with an awful headache. But, for day 6 we woke up early to head to the Palace of Versailles! The line was about an hour to get in, and us Milburn’s saw the whole thing in about an hour. It’s still just a beautiful as I remembered. Probably one of my favorite parts about Paris. After exploring the palace we went out into the gardens. Which are huge. So we decided to rent two golf carts so we could be comfortable and quick. With it being day 6 if our vacation the family started to slow down. After the palace everyone was exhausted. We headed to the closest McDonald’s sat and relaxed and ate a Big Mac. The we hoped on the train back into Paris where we had a very nice nap! After our nap we all headed to the Arc de Triumph. The kids all went up the 250 steps to the top while the parents opted to stay on the ground at a little cafe. When we came back down we all met back up and went shopping. First into mine and my mother’s home land, the Louis Vuitton store. And then to the rest of the families….Nike. After shopping we headed to what is supposed to be the best restaurant in the world. It was closed for its annual closing. Funny how that worked out! We needed u p back at the first place we had even eaten in Paris and it was still delicious! Night ended at around 10pm and we were all ready for bed. Tomorrow would be a relaxing day.

Day 7 we slept in and it was awesome. We also had to take time to pack all of our bags up. This was the longest we had been in one place so our bags had maybe kinda exploded. But we got it all in and checked the room and left out bags downstairs. We then headed to subway that we took to the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower. Which was super nice. After that we just kind of walked around a little before settling in to catch our train to AMSTERDAM !

Storming Normandy

Today was an incredible, and humbling day. I got to experience something I never had before. We did a full day tour of Normandy. I don’t have too much to say because it was a lot to take in, but I highly recommend getting out there if you ever have a chance. We saw many museums, bunkers, Juno beach, Omaha beach, and the American cemetery. Photos below that do it more justice than me trying to explain it. It was incredible though to see where Rudder’s plaque was with the ATM flag!

Eiffel for you, Paris

Rise and shine, slowly that is. We were a little sluggish this morning after staying up way to late, but that didn’t slow us down! We had our first French breakfast (I had crepes with chorizo!) with our cappuccinos! It was delicious.

The weather here is a little cold in the morning but was blazing by the afternoon. After our breakfast we started our walk to Napoleons Tomb which of course all the boys in the family were so thrilled! On our way there we stopped in the garden in front of the Eiffel Tower, getting to see it in the day light for the first time. Just the previous night 1 million people were kicked out by the riot police because they wouldn’t stop celebrating their World Cup win! Such an incredible experience!

After that we walked the rest of the way and took in all the tiny streets and old architecture. The boys were all amazed by the tomb and got little souvenirs.

After that we headed to the hop on and off bus. It’s such a great way to see highlights and get around town. We headed to a miniature army man shop and then to Norte Dame! It was just as beautiful as the last time and we all lit a candle inside. Still a bucket list of mine to go to the top, but that will just have to be done when I’m not with people afraid of heights!

After that most of the family was exhausted so they headed back to the hotel. Laney and I decided to ride the bus around the full route just to see it all. Which included the 5 story Louis Vuitton store, the Disney store, the arch de triumph, and a really sunburnt scalp, we then had a really nice walk from the Eiffel Tower back to our room. Our dinner was this small place we had found earlier in the day. We all got their steak and French fries and it was incredible. Laney tried wine in France, while I had a water, wine, and a chocolate milkshake. We ended the night with a walk down the streets near the hotel, stopping to get a waffle with some Nutella! We saw some pretty incredible things today, but it wasn’t too crazy because at 6:30 am tomorrow we are being picked up for a full day of touring the Normandy beaches! Nightly night friends!