Goodbye Europe

Sitting here going through my blog drafts and realized I never closed out our Europe trip with out final days! So whoops here they are!

Well, I guess I need to wrap up our vacation now. After our first full day in Berlin we realized very quickly once you have learned all the history behind the city…there’s not too much more to do in Berlin. We originally thought we were leave Berlin one day to go out to¬†Auschwitz, but your mind will quickly change when you learn its about a 10 hour drive over there. So we ended up with a lot of free time in a city we didn’t have THAT much interest in. Our second to last day we found ourselves at the Berlin Zoo and Aquarium. My family has always enjoyed the zoo, so this was fun for us and for sure kept us entertained! We also learned that the Berlin Zoo just kind of trusts you won’t go play with the animals, because the fence around most of the animals was maybe 6 inches height and then a moat that was about 2 feet deep and 3 feet wide. I skip and a hop and I could have been playin with the Hippo’s! After that we found a WOK to WALK. We had discovered this in Amsterdam and it was a HUGE hit with the family! After that our day was pretty relaxing and we only kind of ran around for dinner after a nice nap!

Our last day was incredibly relaxing, which was nice because you always feel like you need a vacation from your vacation and we kind of got that! We got up whenever we felt like it, checked out a few shops, and then spent hours trying to make all the things we had bought fit back into our luggage for our trip home! This was a struggle and I hate to say involved my youngest brother sitting on my suitcase to zip it up! What came next was out travel day!

We woke up at 5:30 in the morning, because you know how any dad is….your flight leaves at 9:40 “you must be at the airport at 5am!”. But in all seriousness that Berlin airport was ODD! They had security PER GATE! It wasn’t like one big security check and then you walked to your gate like the huge airports I am used to flying in and out of. We got there and checked-in around 7am and security didn’t open until 7:40. So we had one last Germany mean (Burger King) while we waited. Once we made it through security we were right there at our gate where we then sat until 9am. Our flight to Newark was 10 hours. We did get a little show when a lady in our section threw a fit she couldn’t use the 1st class restroom, so that kept us entertained. We were up the whole flight and then were crazy people when we made it to Newark. No one had slept on the plane and when we got off its a long process.

  1. Get off plane and get in line for customs
  2. go through customs
  3. go to baggage claim
  4. go through a check point with our paper that says Customs approved us to come back in this country
  5. re-check luggage for our next flight
  6. walk quickly to a tram we have to take to get to our new terminal…
  7. miss the first tram.
  8. panic a little, because they start boarding in 15 minutes and only board for 20 minutes.
  9. make the next train and kind of start speed walking to get to the gate
  10. realize you have to go back THROUGH security
  11. panic some more
  12. Have your dad, brother, and your bag be flagged by TSA.
  13. Watch them take everything out and re-run it through the machine…
  14. T-minus 10 minutes before they close the door to the plane and still waiting on my bag…
  15. RUN to your gate and walk on the plane with 2 minutes to spare.

We made it on the plane thank goodness! Only a 3.5 hour flight was between us and home. Or so we thought. As we pulled away from the gate they came on the intercom and let us know there was a storm coming in so they had to find another Route. Then we had too much tailwind to take off…all and all we took off almost 2 hours late. BUT when we did finally land it was magical! We could stand up and stretch and even better order water with ICE from WHATABURGER!

When in Berlin

I feel like my post just get shorter and shorter and the family gets more tired! Going from country to country is one incredible experience I wouldn’t trade for anything, but boy is it exhausting!

For our first day in Berlin we woke up and headed to the free walking tour they offer. It was 3 hours of walking around the city and learning all kinds of Berlin history, all the way from the beginning not just world war 2. We stopped at many points to see important building or parts of the Berlin Wall and then check point Charlie. I’m always so fascinated by all the history other countries have, and how others from the country choose to explain them…although out tout guide was from Australia.

After the tour it was nap time for the family, who could have guessed! We then chatted for a while and did a little walking around and had dinner at a steak house. Yep already at our dinner plans, that’s how much relaxing we did. After dinner it was time for ice cream and a little exploring of a book store across the street from our hotel. Already all tucked into bed, well it’s is 10:00 pm here, and ready to take on probably just the beginning half of tomorrow. The afternoon I’m sure will involve a nap.