DIY Nursery Board and Batten

Before we found out we were having a boy I didn’t look too much into nursery ideas, because there are just SO MANY out there. I figured it would be easier to wait until we knew the gender so I could at least narrow it down in that way. Once we found out we were having a boy the search was on! I know I wanted an accent wall, and I also knew I didn’t want a traditional “nursery theme”. I wanted something that could stay even as he got older, and really wanted to stick with more of a color scheme than a theme. Finally after some time we decided to go with a partial board and batten wall. My in-laws and husband made all my dreams come true creating this wall! Also honorable mention to my mom, aunt, grandma, and brother Cole who helped do a little painting in the room!

This is the final product of the wall, and I think it turned out so perfect! Below is a breakdown of everything we used, and the steps we took to get the wall up! 

For starters I will also include that this wall is ROUGHLY 13ft long, and our ceilings are about 8’9”. This could change the height you want your boards! 

Paint: all three walls are painted Snowbound by Sherwin Williams in a matte finish. The top of the accent wall is Woodland Lichen by Sherwin Williams also in matte.  

**disclaimer: since we have highly textured walls we did not do a faux board and batten where you only add the batten portion to the wall. Since the wall would be white we were worried the texture would come through too much. IF the texture doesn’t bother you then it’s way less material and time and you can just got out the whole first portion of these steps.

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