I thought this could be a fun weekly post of the outfits I wear throughout the week. Because my week switches between going into the office and working from home. So you get a good mixture of “Business Casual” and Comfortable/at home casual! 

So here we go!

Monday an in the office day, and to be honest I only can wear so many of my clothes these days pregnant but at least that helps that most of everything I’m wearing is non maternity! This outfit is nothing crazy, but was super comfy. These are the spanx faux leather leggings, I’m wearing them in maternity but I also have them in the regular. Then this tunic is from Nordstrom and I have it in MANY colors. I will have to say though the front fabric winkles very easily! Also linked some other similar tops!

Tuesday- Another office day and I actually had a lot of fun with this outfit. Just a skirt from Loft, and then I wore a normal sweater that I did the bra tuck in to show off the bump, before the bump I did it to help see more of the skirt and elongate my body.

Wednesday- Finally a day at home, which I relaxed a lot in my align lululemon leggings, and a comfy pullover. 

Thursday- Back in the office and rocking the same align leggings, some riding boots, and a longer SUPER comfy shirt. This is a maternity shirt, but can also be worn as non maternity. 

Friday- I was at home, but I did get dressed up in leggings, one of my favorite loft sweaters and these puffer jacket that comes in petite, which make the fit SO GOOD.

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