Closet Organization

I did a couple of stories on how I organize my closet, but decided to dedicate an entire blog post to it. Let me start by saying for those who don’t know I live in Houston, Texas. This is important because if you live here you are unable to season your closet. We are a lucky bunch of people that can experience every season in one week, or sometimes we have winter in the middle of whats felt like summer? You just never know.

also, another disclaimer I organized my closet based on what made the most sense for me. This could be different for everyone based on a daily routine, or the placement of furniture and closet in relation to your room. My set up also might be changing in the near future as my company turn back to working in office everyday. So the every day clothes that I grab for are going to be changing.

Starting with fundamentals- When I decided to organize the closet at our new house I started with the easiest step 1: which of my items would be folded and which would be hung. Another thing that can differ between people based on their space. I would say we have a very average size closet now, but I had a very small closet in our old house. I’ve include an image below of my old closet as well as a link to my previous post on organizing small closets!

Small Closet: At our old house I had a traditional sliding door closet, don’t know if that’s what you actually call it, but it was 1 rod all the way across, one level.

I chose to hang up only my nice work tops and dresses. Everything else was folded and organized in different types of dressers or organizing bins like the pink ones pictures here

In our new house I decided to hang MANY more items and I listed them below!

  • Work Tops
  • Casual tops (not t-shirts)
  • Dresses
  • Rompers
  • Skirts (most worn)
  • Jeans
  • Work pants

Things that I decided to fold / throw in a drawer!

  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • bras/bralettes
  • shorts
  • T-shirts, both comfy and cute?
  • work out clothes
  • swim suits
  • leggings
  • Skirts (not worn as often)
  • Pajamas

There is no method to that order, it’s just the order I could remember them in HA. Next step 2: What made the most sense placement wise! This will really depend on your closet set up, but this is what worked for me!


  • Hanging Tops: Longest top bar
  • Work pants, jeans, & skirts: Bottom bar
  • Rompers, & dresses: Shorter top bar

FOLDED – This is where I had to really think what made sense for me to KEEP my closet organized. If it wasn’t a practical spot I would never put things back where they belong, or my dirty clothes/outfits I thought I liked but then had to change would just end up on the floor. So in my closet I have those cheap cubes from Target and little slide in bins. I also have a 3 drawer dresser in our bedroom. This is what I decided made the most sense.

Bedroom dresser: (I also use drawer dividers to keep my drawers in order!)

  • Socks, Bras, & Underwear: Top drawer in my dresser (I almost wish this was in my closet sometimes, because when Jordan is on nights I don’t want to turn the bedroom light on to see in here
  • Shirts, Shorts, & Leggings: Middle drawer of my dresser and divided into 3 sections
  • Work out clothes: This is my bottom drawer of my dresser, I use a draw divider in the middle and keep sports bras and work out tops on one side, and then all bottoms on the other. Within that side I separate them out between shorts, pants, and capris

Closet Cubes:

  • Swim Suits: there is no organization here and I’m sure I’ll regret it in summer, but they are all just thrown in a cube
  • Skirts: (2 cubes) I have A LOT of skirts so this takes up two cubes in the closet. To make visibility better I turn the cube on it’s side and stack the skirts that way when I pull the drawer out I can see all of them filed in there.
  • Pajamas: Cube dedicated to a couple pajama pants and sets
  • T-Shirts: TRUE comy t-shirts I can fit about 25 in the cube which is good enough for me since I wear the same 5 t shirts over and over again.

I also will be uploading a video to my youtube channel if that’s easier to follow! Also I have linked below all the items I use to organize my closet as well as the best hangers ever! I promise you if all your hangers match your closet will look so much more organized! Also the collapsible hangers- use them for skirts and pants, but don’t collapse them! They hang so much nicer to be then trying to hang them on normal hangers!


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