Our New Car!

We got a new car and I am in love with it! No, Jordan and I aren’t starting a family just yet, but I did go ahead and get my dream mom car because a great deal arose. 

The car has such amazing features and drives incredibly. A little back story of my previous cars… My first car was a Chevy Tahoe that was my mom’s. After that my parents surprised me with the BEST F-150 that I loved for many years. Next, I purchased my very own Audi Q3, and boy, did I love this car more than anything! I would have driven it until it died, but we quickly learned that eventually with a growing family, the car would be too small. I casually looked around just here and there, because like I said we weren’t starting a family so there was no rush, but I loved my Q3 so much that nothing really spoke to me other than the Q7, but I wasn’t ready to make that kind of commitment. Well, long story short, I do work for an Automotive Company and a great deal presented itself to me and badabing badaboom. We are now the proud owners of what is pretty much just an upgraded, bigger version of my first car HAHA. Obviously my Q3 drove great, but this one has a bigger wheelbase so it’s even smoother! So far, my favorite feature is blindspot assist! I know this is pretty standard now, but my previous car didn’t have this and it’s so nice with crazy Houston drivers! It also includes Apple CarPlay, which I am obsessed with! It’s so easy to use Waze, play Spotify, and reply to any text using voice control making everything perfectly hands free! It does come with the kick open back hatch, which means with my hands full if I kick under the back bumper it will automatically lift the back open. Also, probably not crazy cool for average height people, but it also has a locking system where I can set the max height for the back to open up so I can still reach the close button! AWESOME haha. It also has a third row of seats, not incredibly roomy like a Tahoe or Suburban, but I just like it as an option. Typically I keep them folded down and have a ton of backspace. It has a tan leather interior, which I’m loving over my old black leather seats, it gets too hot here in Houston. The car also came with built-in window shades on the back windows that will be awesome for when we have kids! Oh, and it has the cooling seats – so AMAZING. Oh, and then the last thing I almost forgot was the panoramic sunroof! INCREDIBLE!

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