Instagram Recap 3.20

It’s that time again to round up my insta posts you can easily shop from! To shop all my looks head on over to

So lets catch up!

Our wall gallery is one of my favorite things about our house, and this is an affordable way to do it!
Also, the table in little items are from Hobby Lobby and I was unable to link!
My favorite brewery weekend outfit! super comfortable and cute at the same time!
My company is considered essential so it has kept me a little more sane having to get up and get ready
for work at least once a week! Also, this is my FAVORITE work bag of all time!
My favorite instant tanner! Depending on application you can choose your color!
I don’t know if you have signed up for a billie razor, but it’s the best! Not only do I love the razor and find myself getting less bumps,
but it’s a monthly program and they send you new razor heads for $9 a month. It comes with the razor, starter heads, a shower magnet like
pictured above, and a traveling case!
Here is just a REALLY close up picture of my face to shop my newest make-up routine!
This was a game changer for us! We get most of our movies digitally now, but had a ton of old DVDs and Blu-rays. This basket and amazon
organizer finds have saved so much space, and are much cuter on our TV stand!
My made by Mary necklace is the necklace I wear every day! She has the best jewelry, and it’s perfect for mothers day!
My home office set up!
Last but not least, our new Dyson. I am obsessed with this thing! It comes with SO many attachments,
is light weight, and cordless! They are expensive, but I’m telling you they are SO worth it.

Well, that’s all I got for you now, but you could easily spend way too much money from this post!

Happy quarantining 🙂 -jo

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