Instagram Recap

Since I have been added to the app I’ve decided to do a little recap on here of the recent photos I have shared to easily shop looks if you don’t have the app! It’s also nice to have a little recap of what Jordan and I have been up to.

Check these out below- Click the photo and it will take you to the like to know it site. Below the picture is each item you can purchase. There isn’t any kind of fee! This is just an easy way to shop wanted items!

Easily one of my favorite work outfits I put together in the past month!
Our last visit to the Rodeo before they closed it down!
I have super sensitive skin, and this nightly routine has been great for my skin!
I’ve been doing my best to go to spin twice a week! But, sometime that means over lunch and on this photo I did share my work out attire, but also the make up that still looked good enough for me to go back to work without having to reapply after class! Also, doesn’t let me link my spin shoes but they’re and they’re amaizng!
My favorite Amazon headbands, along with the rest of my outfit!
Went to my monthly volunteer spot Kids Meals! But linked in this photo is my outfit, self tanner, and this new texturizing spray I got from Target!
This what quite a while back, but we got to celebrate this cuties 6th birthday! I linked my comfy brewery outfit here along with my golden goose dupes!
This pic is super old but this is still a go to outfit of mine!
Jordan and I went to a friend of a friend’s winery and it was awesome!

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