Amazon Round-Up

I seriously cannot be stopped, please see more Amazon items I have found to light up my world…or organize/clean it!

Also, you can now easily shop everything I post on Find the picture of the item you are looking for, click it and everything is linked! This is at no cost to you to browse, and no cost to you to shop! IT’S FREE and an easy way to find amazing items! Anyway let’s get started!

  1. This adorable make-up brush holder!

2. Make-up pallet organizer!

3. Re-usable straws, because you know the environment (nod to my best friend Jac)

4. Re-usable baggies…that’s right you heard me. I’ll let you know when I figure out the best way to clean them!

5. Silicone Wedding bands! These were great for out honeymoon, and anytime I’m at the gym!

6. Beauty Blinders– I know I shared these before, but they’re just the bomb!

7. Fedora, because who doesn’t need a fedora…

8. Headband holder– This thing has been awesome since all I do is buy headbands now!

9. Jewelry Box Organizer…pretty self explanatory!

10. The best water jug you can have!

11. The Slim Koozie! Jordan and I both have these and LOVE them! They’re perfect for your White Claws

12. Favorite stain remover when you have pets…and a white couch.

13. This awesome high-low top…I’m a sucker for anything high-low!

14. This body con wrap dress…that I own in 2 styles and 4 colors HA.

Hope you find at least something you liked, or didn’t know you needed! Let me know if you have any questions about like to know it!!!

xoxo, Jordan

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