Amazon Round Up

Alright, are you ready to rumble…or scroll through a list of Amazon products you didn’t even know you needed? I swear it hurts me to say this, but I think Amazon has almost replaced my Target addiction. There are so many things on there I didn’t know I needed and somehow I go on for new air filters for the fridge and my cart ends up at $300. Also, it’s so much easier to open a tab on my browser than for me to physically go to a Target. Anyway, enough rambling! See below the best Amazon assortment of random items I’ve discovered.

  1. Air-Purifying bag -Like I have mentioned, we live in an older home so having these hanging out in our closets that we don’t get into very often has kept them so much fresher!  
  2. Fabric Defuzzer – Now that we are in Texas’ “winter,” I have been loving this for my older sweaters! 
  3. Hair towel – I live for my hair towel. I always got the packs from Target, but this one I prefer so much more! 
  4. Shampoo brush – It’s like having my hair scrubbed by a professional. Really works the scalp and is the perfect little head-scratcher. 
  5. Cheaper fitness tracker -For those who want to track your fitness, but don’t want to spend the money on a Fitbit or Apple watch!
  6. Reusable stretchy lids -Genius…we lose lids all the time to random size stuff and these are the perfect solution! 
  7. TubShroom Drainer -Surprisingly enough, I think boy Jordan’s hair gets caught in this more than mine does. 
  8. THESE SOCKS!  – I lose socks so here are the ones I always order.
  9. Hand Vacuum – It’s so nice for people with pets!  I don’t have to break out the big vacuum all the time! 
  10. Hypoallergenic pillow – Life-changing 🙂 
  11. Handheld steamer – Steamers are my best friend…I will steam over ironing all day, every day.
  12. Spice rack – For the organizational lover within you.
  13. Reusable make-up remover wipe – To save the planet and Girl, wash your face! 
  14. Silk pillowcase – This pillowcase has been so great on my skin and my hair. I hate sleeping on a normal pillowcase now. 
  15. My velvet hangers – Once again, because they look clean altogether, and don’t take up as much space in the closet!

Hope there is something you want to try out!

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