My Bachelorette Party

Thinking about a Disney bachelorette party or even just a girls’ trip, well, oh my goodness! Talk about the time of my life! Let me preface this with saying, yes, I am a Disney addict, and no, you do not have to be a child or have a child to enjoy Disney World. I spent my bachelorette with 10 amazing women in the most magical place on earth! I can speak for everyone who went on this trip and say it was exhausting but we had the time of our lives. 

After tons and tons of research and planning of my own Disney vacation, I have compiled all the info I learned right here! Warning: This will be a lengthy post, but I feel like each item is necessary for helping plan a trip! 

Side Note 1: If you are interested in checking out the fun we had on my bachelorette party, check out my vlog to see the video we attempted to put together from the trip!

Side note 2: If you’re a family and also looking to go on a trip to Disney, please feel free to email me at I have the time of my life planning vacations!

Okay, let’s get started!


This is important for a couple of reasons. 

1. It can be overwhelming and letting yourself have more time to put every piece together can put you at ease.

2. A lot of the experiences you can have at Disney, such as dining reservations and FastPasses, are booked in advance, and if you want to get certain dinners and rides, it is important to do that as soon as it becomes available.

3. Disney is not exactly the cheapest trip to take…you see dads wearing those “Most expensive day ever” shirts…well they aren’t lying. Planning far enough in advance allows you to get you a set total for your friends to be able to decide whether they want to go, and also start saving! This also gave all my friends the opportunity to pay in installments versus having to dish out a ton of cash at one time! 


If you are wanting to save money let me start by saying I hear you, but let me also say STAY ON DISNEY PROPERTY. If you aren’t going during too high of a peak season, Disney offers hotels on site for as low as $100 a night! Like I said, I love planning vacations and if you need any help planning a trip like this and to get pricing, please email me. I would never want someone to miss out on a true Disney experience because they just assumed it would cost too much money. We stayed at the Pop Century resort for our vacation! We got 3 rooms, two of them were connected and the other was right next door. 


To make this a little easier to control plans for everyone in my group, I chose a leading person in each room to have a My Disney Experience. Once they were created we linked my account with theirs. I was then able to see the “friends” assigned to their rooms and my own. This made booking items so much easier online. Things such as FastPasses and dining reservations were a breeze and I was able to choose them all from the “my family” tab.


This is crucial. Like I said, planning as soon as possible is crucial, not only to give your friends time to get finances in order, but also because when you stay on Disney property you have access to advance reservations. 

  • Reservation item number 1: You can book dining reservations 180 days prior to your ARRIVAL day. Yes, you read that correctly: 180 days. If you are a large party OR want to eat at some of the top restaurants in the parks, it is important to do this right when reservations are made available to you. 
  • Reservation item number 2: You can book your FastPasses 60 days prior to your arrival day. Not to sound like a broken record, but once again, if you want to get your whole group on the best rides for your trip I HIGHLY recommend booking the day this opens. When I went to book on our opening day there were still rides that were not available to us. 


Disney doesn’t always give you a ton of slack, but they are a little helpful here! When you book your vacation they only require a $200 deposit per room. I paid for this out of pocket up front to get it booked well in advance. The remainder of your trip is not due until a little over a month from your arrival day! So, like I said before, if you plan far enough in advance your friends will have plenty of time to start putting some money aside! 


I know going with the flow is some people’s thing and more power to you if that’s what you are going for, but that never works for me. When you have scheduled eating reservations, FastPasses, and show times you want to get to, I always feel it’s best to have a plan! If you’re not an experienced Disney-goer please feel free to email me and I would be so happy to help! I also have attached below the itinerary that we used for our trip! 


Here is my calling, DISNEY SWAG! I love Disney swag, and I own probably way too much of it for just one person. But, I wanted all my girls to feel decked-out-Disney without having to spend a ton of their own money! Let’s be real, I know Disney ears are a favorite, but $28 for a pair of ears… WOW. For my bachelorette parts I made fun little gift bags for everyone that had some goodies! I got them matching “squad” shirts to go with my bride tee, water bottles with their name on it in the Disney font, and we also got matching buttons that said “bippodi boppidi bride trip!” They were adorable. I also ordered each and every one of them a paid of Minnie ears from the Etsy site linked below! They each picked out their own color and most of them wore them everyday. Also included in their little gift bags were their MagicBands attached to their water bottle! 


For your friends who have never been to Disney before, they will be incredibly grateful if you supply them when a packing list! This will change depending on what time of the year you decide to take your trip, but check out the packing guides I have listed on the blog for different seasons. I say seasons, but let’s be real, Florida is HOT most of the time, rains everyday, and on the off chance you are traveling in the 3 months it’s not hot…bring a jacket. 


This kind of goes back to item number 1. You will want to book your fast passes right when they become available 60 days prior to your check in date! This will make it more likely that you’ll get the rides you want for a large group. You can also find a list of the top rides you would want to FastPass at each park here

So many restaurants I love, but I will narrow them down by park to make it easier. The first options listed will be a sit down place, and the second will be quick service. Magic Kingdom: Be our Guest, & Casey’s Corner. Animal Kingdom: Tusker House, & Yak N Yeti. Epcot: Mexico, & Mexico. Hollywood Studios: Sci-fi Diner, & ABC.


Yes, it is possible to do the nightlife thing at Disney. I’m not going to lie, I have no interest in going out into Orlando when I’m at Disney. We spent our nights at Disney Springs, and then we had one dedicated night to going to the Disney Piano Bar on the boardwalk! We had SO much fun there, and I will say we planned Epcot the next day to drink around the world. This is not recommended because we were all pretty dead from the night before!

P.S. I have gone ahead and attached a couple of awesome items to help!

  • Gifts I had for everyone
  • Pricing – I called Disney and booked over the phone to get the best deal. We stayed at Pop Century and for girls who stayed 3 days it was $560 and for 4 day girls it was $708. This did not include flights, or food! (We did do the math and decided we could eat cheaper without the meal plan.)
  • The most adorable invitations made by one of my bridesmaids
  • Full itinerary (part of my group was there for 4 days while some left after the 3rd day to help save money and vacation days)
  • Some Disney-themed bachelorette games we played (while my mom was still in the room) 




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