Small Closet Organization

As you know, or if you don’t know, Jordan and I bought our first house. It was built in the ‘50s, though it has since been updated. We love it SO much, but the one thing that wasn’t touched was the closets. The closets in our house are your typical sliding-door wall closets. We do have one in each room, and because it’s only Jordan and I living in the house we are able to use all three for us.

For a little breakdown, the closet in the master both Jordan and I use. There is a section of the closet made for long dresses, hence I keep my dresses in this closet, as well as my non-work-friendly tops. This is also where I keep all my sweaters. Our office is where I keep all my other non-dresser clothes. The closet in our guestroom houses all of Jordan’s other clothes as well as all his uniforms and a second dresser. 

This is the view looking at my closet in the office. My father-in-law so kindly took off the sliding doors, because 1) they were heavy and hard to move, and 2) I didn’t like how much light they blocked, and not being able to see all of my clothes at one time. The top of the closet I use for storage of some shoes I keep in their boxes, all my bags are put into one bag to save space, and the three drawers up there hold all of my crafting items. 

Below that is where my work hanging clothes go. I like to organize my clothes by sleeve length versus color. I tried the color thing for a while, but it seems I have way too many patterned clothes, so it bothered me and looked less organized. Below all my hanging clothes are my shoes. I have the rack on the left for my heels and bigger boots and I keep all of my flats and sneakers in the cubbies. On top of the cubbies is where I keep my cricut when I’m not using it. The three pink drawers from Target (that I love) house all my work skirts in the top and middle. The bottom drawer holds all my Disney items (magic bands, ears, hats, backpack, etc.). 

So far the system works for us. I am able to get all my clothes in the small area as well as have an organized way to keep my shoes and other items that don’t hang. 

Do you have any hacks for small closet spaces?

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