Our First Home

We have moved into our first home! Well, technically it has been our home since last August, but we did some work on it and didn’t move in until we were married! 

I wanted to share a little bit about our house kind of as a preface for future posts I plan on doing regarding the size we are working with and home organization! 

So, let’s begin! Honestly, buying our house was a pretty easy process. Jordan and I looked at houses online constantly…just for fun. Then one day we kind of decided we wanted to actually LOOK  at a house. I got in touch with a realtor, and we scheduled a tour of 2 homes. Both were in the area we wanted and we just wanted to get a feel for what we wanted in a house and what was in our price range.

We toured 2 houses that first day. Both were slightly older homes, we love a house with good character. House one was updated and house two had clearly been gutted and totally redone from scratch. I will tell you house number two was awesome. It had more bathrooms, walk-in closets in every room and a 2 car garage. House number 1 was built in 1954 and like I said it had been remodeled which I loved, but not re-done. There are no walk-in closets nor as many bathrooms, or garage space. But, the yard at this house was much better. Now, if you don’t already know we live in Houston, which means when we saw house number two had been totally redone and noticed it backed up to a bayou that means it for sure flooded during Hurricane Harvey. Not only was that a huge turn off, but there was also something about the character inside our 1954 home and I just had this feeling. I could picture us living here in our first home as husband and wife! And that was pretty much that! Even though my family was leaving to go to Europe for 2 weeks Jordan and I put in an offer on the home. There were multiple offers and they requested everyone submit their highest and final offer. We did just that, but I also included a note to the couple with some pictures of Jordan and I, explained who we were, why we loved the house so much, and why we wanted to live there. I got a call the next day, while wandering around Target with my sister, that we had gotten the house! I was so excited I couldn’t control myself! I was so upset Jordan and I weren’t together when I got the call, but boy oh boy did he come right over and we celebrated! 

Jordan handled all the inspection items we needed while I was in Europe, bless him. We learned the couple currently residing in the house was moving to Germany. They didn’t want to close on the house for over a month, which was fine with us since we weren’t ready to move in anyway! 

I’m not going to lie, it has been an adjustment for us on the whole small closet thing, but boy, do we have all kinds of tips and tricks for organizing and making the most out of little spaces. We will be doing a house tour soon to show off all the fun things we have done to our home, as well as our favorite organizational hacks. This should be coming to a vlog near you as well! 

xoxo, Jo

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