We are Going to Europe!

Some exciting news for Jordan and I…we are ready to travel 2,351 miles together across Europe!

Getting Jordan to sit down and tell me what he wants can be SO hard, but he has let me know he wants to make a couple of stops on our trip and wants to visit London and Paris. So as of now, we are going to London, Paris, and Greece! Jordan has never been to Europe so he wasn’t even sure what all he wanted to see, he just knew he wanted to go. Well, luckily this is where my organized pain in the ass-ness comes in handy ( “I KNOW” – Friends reference). I sat down with the list of locations we have and went crazy on planning this trip. We will start in London, head to Paris, and then travel down to 3 cities in Greece. Greece is somewhere I have never been so I am very excited that half of our trip is something both Jordan and I get to experience together for the first time. 

I plan on doing many blog posts on how we prepare for the trip, how I like to plan my trips, what steps I take, tips for traveling, as well as itineraries and packing lists. So, for now, I will tell you the basics! We are going to leave on a Thursday afternoon in April and be gone for 15 days. We plan to spend 2 days in London, 3 days in Paris, and the remainder of our time in Greece. We are coming back on a Friday to try and get our sleeping and time zones back in order before work starts back up on Monday!

If you have any suggestions on things we should do or pack for that time of year let me know in the comments below!

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