How we Decide on Dinner

I thought this was such a silly thing to write about, but I also remember my excitement when I discovered it, so I’m hoping you feel the same. Our weekend always ends on Sunday when we try and put together a grocery list and ponder what we want to eat that week. We know a lot of great meals, but some are easier than others so we get in this rut of “oh, let’s just make that again.” Also, when you are in a hurry to finish the grocery shopping, it’s easier to just go with what you know. 

Jordan and I typically want to make 3 to 4 meals for the week. I would like to stick to 3, but we always eat leftovers for lunch so sometimes 3 doesn’t cut it. Well, this little trick has made our grocery shopping and weekly meals so much more fun! One afternoon, Jordan and I sat down and went through Pinterest and old childhood pastimes and wrote down all the meals we liked or wanted to try. I then took all of them and wrote them nicely on popsicle sticks I bought from Amazon and linked below (although you can get these anywhere). I also went through and printed out (I know, old school) each recipe for the meals we had written down. Popsicle sticks went into a baggy and my printouts went into sheet protectors in a folder (what any sane person would call “extra”)..

 We have now switched our shopping to Saturdays when possible so we can get our groceries delivered for free on Sunday! Finally, our Saturday came around and we tried out the new method. We each chose two RANDOM popsicle sticks and that decided what we were eating for the week! I then opened my handy folder, looked over everything we needed for each meal, and used my Echo Show to have Alexa generate my grocery list for me! I then opened up my computer to my grocery list and placed an order for H-E-B Delivery.

As I said, this is the silliest little thing, but when you are as indecisive as we are on what to eat AND trying to grocery shop, this is a life changer. Let me know if you decide to try this out at home! I also put some pictures below of how families have incorporated this into their lives with children, and a cute way to display it for the week!

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