Amazon Round-Up

Back at it again with a non-sponsored Amazon must-have list! I feel like Amazon has become my new Target. I go on Amazon for 1 item and end up in the rabbit hole of all these other items I FOR SURE need in our house. So let’s dive right in! 

  1. Amazon Echos– yes, that’s plural because we have quite a few. We have 2 Echo Shows, a Dot and a Spot which I don’t believe they sell anymore. We use one Echo Show in the living room, and the other on Jordan’s nightstand as an alarm clock. The Echo Show has a screen, which is fun because we will also use this one to check in on the dogs when we aren’t home because it faces their crate. Our Dots are in the kitchen and office where we can play music and set timers, or ask silly things like how many tablespoons are in a cup.
  2. Undies– Hopefully not TMI, but for the price, I will get these a million times. They are so comfortable and way more of a bargain than the VS buy 5 for $30! 
  3. Beauty blenders– Pretty self-explanatory!
  4. Sheets – I heard SO much about these sheets! Finally, I decided to give them a go and man oh man! Affordable and comfortable. So much nicer to put these on when our hotel collection sheets are in the wash instead of cheap college style sheets!
  5. My lashes– I used to have lash extensions for about 3 years. After I got married I canceled my subscription and switched to these and I’m not even lookin’ back.
  6. Henley Top– I love this top so much, and I, of course, got it in maroon, because of well Aggie life.
  7. Sweaters– I live in Houston, so I honestly can’t tell you what I plan on doing with another sweater.
  8. Black heels– Probably don’t need to get these off Amazon, but it doesn’t hurt. These are my all-time favorite black pumps and my original ones finally gave out on me, so I was very pleased to have another pair so quickly!
  9. Waffle-knit tied tunic– Also in maroon, because AGGIES!
  10. Travel wallet– This is what I use when I travel overseas. If you don’t know me, I’m an organizing freak so this wallet spoke to my heart!
  11. Travel jewelry case– Use this every time I go anywhere…actually if I’m being honest since I moved in with Jordan and didn’t have a place to hang what I used to keep my jewelry on, it kind of lives in this thing all the time!
  12. Our vacuum– Not a Roomba, but it works for us! I also love this one because we only have wood floors in our home and this one also mops!
  13. My purse organizer– I love my Neverfull so much, but I could never find ANYTHING in it. My best friend turned me on to this handy sucker and now I love it even more!
  14. Food storage containers– Because well… organizing my pantry.
  15. Our dog food– By no means am I saying you should feed your dog the same dog food we do, but I wanted to share what we buy and save through Amazon because we can schedule recurring orders. I can’t tell you how many times we have run out of food and had to run out to the store at 8:55, rushing to get food before they close. Switching to having Amazon just deliver once a month was heaven!

Now, to hide all the things I have bought from the Husband… 🙂 Let me know if there are any must haves you got from Amazon!

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