4 Reasons to Get a Kindle

If you have been around the last couple of months you would know that I am trying to get myself to read more! I have the time and I actually really enjoy reading, I just need to do a better job of choosing to read instead of watching TV. Well, my Kindle has really done it for me!

I have the Kindle Paperwhite and I love it so much. I’ve had the kindle app on my phone and iPad for quite some time, but I preferred looking at an actual book, and the screen would hurt my eyes after a while. But, when it came to a book book I wouldn’t just carry it around with me like I do my phone and my iPad. So it was a lose-lose for me until I got the paperwhite for Christmas. I have the original version, so not the waterproof paperwhite, and it’s perfect. It has the original style Kindle screen so it’s not as harsh for your eyes and looks more like a book than a tablet screen. 

If you have an Amazon account, the Kindle is so easy to use! You connect it to WiFi (you don’t have to be connected to WiFi to read a book, just to sync and download a book), login to your Amazon account and it will automatically show you all the books you have on Kindle. You can then choose which ones you want to download onto the device. This takes 3 minutes TOPS. Once I have my books downloaded, I am on the go! 

Top favorite things about my Kindle Paper White


This thing is so light and so small I don’t ever not have it! It fits in the smallest purse I own (which is saying something) and I still have room for my wallet. Now when waiting on random things or appointments, instead of scrolling endlessly through Instagram…well, I still do that sometimes, but I start reading my book! 

#2-Amazon Access

Another thing I find so easy about the Kindle is that when you are connected to the internet you can browse and purchase books directly from your Kindle! I’m not going to lie, it can be dangerous because I end up buying so many books because it’s so easy. But, I think I solved that problem with key item number 4! 

#3- Goodreads

Not sure if you guys have a Goodreads account, but it’s one of my favorite things! It’s basically a virtual bookshelf! It keeps track of all the books you have read, when you read them, and also what you rated them. It then uses your ratings to suggest more books for you to try out! I also set my 2019 books to read goal here. Once again, I Don’t think I’m going to meet my goal, but I’m doing my best over here! You can also follow your friends and see what they are currently reading. Oh, but back to the Kindle HA. The Kindle will link to your Goodreads account, which means it will automatically update what you are currently reading and what you have finished and move it to your “read” shelf, and mark IT as 1 book down on your goal! 


Okay, so this isn’t actually a Kindle related topic, but I’m going to say it’s beneficial! So, I joined our county public library and I loved it. However, like I mentioned before, it wasn’t very practical for me to get over to the library and pick up books, let alone get back over there to return them in time. Libraries have the weirdest hours (insert eye roll). WELL GUESS WHAT, our library now offers KINDLE CHECKOUTS. Yeah, you read that right. I can get on my library account online, pick a book (if it’s popular I might have to put it on hold and wait for my turn), but I get an email when it’s ready and I virtually check out the book. It will download the book directly to my Kindle! Incredible. 

So if you’re looking for a way to dedicate more time to reading and make it easy as can be, I highly recommend using a Kindle. I know some people still totally enjoy the comfort of holding a book in your hands and I get that. There are still certain books I love so much I want to physically own, but I can’t beat the convenience of the Kindle for other books.

My favorite Kindle with the book-like view is the paperwhite. I have linked both options below. The first generation is the one I have, and the second generation is the waterproof version. I don’t really know how they compare in size and weight because I haven’t tried the second generation, but I doubt they would go backward. 

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