Amazon Purchase Roundup!

I purchase so much from amazon it’s not even funny. So I decided I could do a post every once in a while with all the goodies I have found and gotten from Amazon. No telling if you need any of these things, but hey maybe it’s like Target and you didn’t KNOW you needed these things until you saw them :). Browse away and be sure to tag me on Insta if you fall in love with anything and we can spread the Amazon love! Click any item image below to get a direct link to the item!

Item #1: GoPro Backpack Strap

This thing is so freaking cool! I saw a guy with one on our most recent trip to Disney but his was a GoPro backpack. I have to admit that is incredibly cool, but Amazon makes this tiny little thing that will attach to ANY backpack. I don’t think it gets any better than that! 

Item #2: Yogalicious Leggings

These are probably the best leggings I have ever put on my body. They are high waist, which I love, and also feel like butter on your legs. I might own them in 6 different colors. 

Item #3: Gift Wrapping Organization

I do apologize, you will see this item again on my Tiny House post, but this thing is incredible. I don’t know who invented it but I want to kiss them. I’m all for reusing bags and tissue paper, but they took up SO MUCH SPACE. Until I found this sucker! It holds it all and now it just hangs perfectly in my hall closet!

Item #4: Velvet Hangers

I don’t think I need to really go into detail on how awesome it is to have velvet hangers, but THEY ARE AWESOME. A lot of my work shirts are tanks or very wide necks and these keep all my clothes from ending up on the floor! They come in a pack of 50! I got them in white and couldn’t be more obsessed with how organized my closet looks just from getting these thin matching hangers! 

Item #5: White Maxi Dress

As seen on a previous Instagram post, I ordered this dress for family photos when we went to Charleston! It fit me great even as a petite and for this price I’ll take it in white and pink! 


Item #6: White Lace Kimono/Beach cover up

Also bought for Charleston is this awesome lace cover up that I have also worn as a Kimono. I’m all about multipurpose items and it’s only $23. I have the White-3 and White-4 .

Item #7: Pantry Organization Tubs! 

You guys, I am an organization freak, and I have a post going on how I organize our pantry and these will for sure be included. I like everything to have a place and I hate when we have individual snacks in their boxes taking up all kinds of space. I bought both of these clear bins in the two different sizes and they are a game changer! I got a pack of four for $25 and a two-pack of the big ones for $50.

Item # 8: Gold Hoop Earrings!

These earrings are just the cutest things in the world! They lock in place so I never find them falling out my ears!

Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram if you end up with any of these items! I promise they will change your life! 


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