What I Read in July

Well, looks like I’m really sticking with the theme here. I only read 1 book in July, but hey one book is better than none book HA. It’s a little pathetic because the one book I did read this month I finished in probably 3 days of the 4th of July break, just relaxing at the lake! 

Setting a goal for myself to at least finish 2 books in August! I just need to set out some time for myself. I also jumped back into getting books from our public library! I recently learned you can check out Kindle books and download them right to your device! Now there is no reason to be lazy and not get all the books I want! 

What I read in July: 

The Perfect Child: 3.5/5

The Story: A happily married couple who works for a hospital has longed for a child of their own. One seems to fall into their lap when an abandoned little girl shows up at the hospital. But, Janie is anything but a normal child…

My Thoughts: I was very drawn to this book because I love a good suspense/thriller novel. The book kept me going and eager to find out more as it jumps from 3 different points of view and different states of time. I enjoyed the novel up until the very end, if you can even call it that. I felt the book had no actual ending and felt very disappointed. 

If you are interested you can get the Kindle version of the book for only $4.99 so it’s hard to be too disappointed with the ending. Stay tuned for next month’s book and to see if I can actually keep the goal I set! Let me know in the comments below if you have any good book recommendations!

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