What I Read in June

I wanted to start posting the books I read for others looking for books to read, but also so I can get suggestions from you guys! I pretty much tend to stick to thrillers, so venturing out for sure wouldn’t hurt. I also thought it would really motivate me to read more. I honestly feel guilty reading sometimes. Since Jordan and I have such different schedules when we are both home at night we try and do things we can do together. Then when I am home alone, I choose to watch TV, when really I should be spending time reading books.

I’m not embarrassed to say I am FOR SURE a slow reader. I’m hoping by setting a reading goal for myself (just starting with the summer) I can become a stronger reader so I have more time to read more books! 

Anywho now that we have a little back story, let’s start with WHAT I READ IN JUNE.

After I do: 4.5/5 

I very much loved this book! It’s not a thriller so I was surprised I kept up with it, but it was a great feel-good book. Being newly married it was very interesting to read a book about when the love fades. 

As I sit here to finish up this post for the month I hate to admit I only finished the one book. I thought my goal for the summer would be easy, but it does not look like that for me. BUT, I am happy to say we have some exciting news coming up. Which is why my focus was a little taken away from reading! I do promise though to keep it up and still leave my book reviews (even if it is only once a month) here for you!

Hope you guys are having a great summer so far! (Can’t believe it’s almost halfway through already!)

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