Our Engagement

Since everyone now knows all about the wedding I decided to share our engagement story, because it’s just that good. Well, to me it was anyway!

This proposal could not have been more perfectly planned. When it was all said and done, Boy Jordan told me the main goal was to make sure it was a surprise…and boy did he succeed!

Where to start… Tyce (one of Jordan’s best friends) and Jac (one of my best friends) would be a good spot. Around the end of September 2017 Tyce had texted me pictures of rings for Jac and I was so excited and honored to help be a part of the biggest surprise of her life. They got engaged October 28th 2017. That next Monday Jac had texted me asking if I was going to be in College Station the next weekend for the game and if I would mind taking a couple engagement photos for them around campus. My first thought was, “well the game is at 11 so MAN am I going to have to get up early” haha! But, I of course, agreed and was really excited to help. My next thought was, Boy Jordan wasn’t going to be too happy. We already had his schedule for the month and he was scheduled for riot training that Saturday. He was already upset he had to work for their engagement and now was even more upset that, once again, we would all get together and he didn’t get to go :(. I wished there was something I could do, but it was just part of it.

After talking to my mom about taking pictures for Tyce and Jac, I had mentioned how early I was going to need to get up to get ready and drive to College Station. Her response, not knowing the plans prior, were “well, we were actually thinking about getting a hotel for Friday night so we didn’t get stuck in any random traffic!” THIS WAS AWESOME! I now 1) didn’t have to drive (woohoo) 2) I also didn’t have to get up as early. Friday we were in no rush to get out of town, which is great because, in true Girl Jordan fashion, I hadn’t packed. My mom had mentioned she got a new romper she loved, but thought it would fit me better. Once again, no red flags that my mom had basically bought me an outfit for this weekend, especially when the romper didn’t fit. I tried on a romper I had had for a long time, but never worn because I think it’s a little more purple than maroon, but oh well! When Laney saw it, she said “just tell Boy Jordan to wear white” which I responded with “well he’s not going”. Looking back I thought OMG Lane you almost spilled the beans, but nope she didn’t know what was happening until about 5 minutes before the proposal. When we did finally get to the hotel I had such a hard time falling asleep that night, and couldn’t figure out why! I woke up really early and checked my phone. I knew Jordan would be headed out to his training around this time, so I sent him a little good morning text and that I missed him. I didn’t get a response back at first, so I check find my friends and he was already at the center. I laid back down and then got a sweet text back and a snapchat sending me kisses. The snap was him in his car wearing his full on riot gear. In my head I was like, “man they aren’t messing around”. When we all woke up and started getting ready for the game, which my parents nicely said they would take me to campus since I didn’t have a car, my dad was rushing us to get ready faster which is very typical him, so again no red flags here. I had been texting Jac to see where they were and where we would be meeting. She told me Tyce had dropped her and her sister off near the Century Tree, and was looking for a place to park. When my family and I parked in the garage we headed to the MSC because that’s where Tyce was. I met up with Tyce in the book store, and my parents went to get some Starbucks and head off to our tailgate. Tyce went into the little store area to get some water. We were making small talk about stuff I can’t even remember now while he picked a water. We checked out and headed to meet Jac at the tree. As we were walking over there I had asked him to hold my phone because I didn’t have any pockets and couldn’t hold it and take pictures with my big camera. As we walked into Academic Plaza still chatting I saw the Saber Arch and in my mind thought “aw, we get to see a proposal!” As we got closer I saw flashes from a camera…my next thought being “oh my gosh, its happening! We are about to be in the way of a proposal!” As we rounded the corner past Sully I could then see Jordan under the tree. I didn’t even know what to think I was in so much shock. Tyce took the camera off my shoulder and pushed me toward the tree. Instant hands to my face as my eyes started to water. This man was about to give me the perfect, red-ass proposal. I walked toward him as they lifted their sabers and was greeted with a sweet kiss and hug. I’ll leave the gooey conversation part out…it’s a story to hear in person. And just like that, BAM we were engaged. Once I gave him a huge kiss I heard a scream…and knew that scream would only come from one person. I turned back towards the plaza and EVERYONE was there! And I mean EVERYONE. My family and all mine and Jordan’s bestest friends were all there. Well Jac wasn’t because she had to work…which is really ironic, because she was the only person I thought WOULD be there! Looking back on all the planning, I still can’t believe it. They had rented a house for the weekend. So many people drove in to be here, and a couple people even flew down! It was so perfect! I found out some funny things also. Jordan had logged into his find my friends on his iPad and left it at the training center, so when I checked his location I would see he was there. He also packed his riot gear specifically so he could send me that snap, even though there was never a riot training! The schedule he sent me he had changed weeks prior! Laney and Dylan weren’t told until they were making them run to the Century tree to beat us. Cole and Gabby were forgotten about (typical dad thought mom told, mom thought dad told moment) they were called about 20 minutes before. Stacey and Nana calling Cole constantly to wake him up! After the engagement we headed to the tailgate where everyone was able to get together and hang out! It was so beyond perfect, from the surprise to all my favorite people!

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