When in Berlin

I feel like my post just get shorter and shorter and the family gets more tired! Going from country to country is one incredible experience I wouldn’t trade for anything, but boy is it exhausting!

For our first day in Berlin we woke up and headed to the free walking tour they offer. It was 3 hours of walking around the city and learning all kinds of Berlin history, all the way from the beginning not just world war 2. We stopped at many points to see important building or parts of the Berlin Wall and then check point Charlie. I’m always so fascinated by all the history other countries have, and how others from the country choose to explain them…although out tout guide was from Australia.

After the tour it was nap time for the family, who could have guessed! We then chatted for a while and did a little walking around and had dinner at a steak house. Yep already at our dinner plans, that’s how much relaxing we did. After dinner it was time for ice cream and a little exploring of a book store across the street from our hotel. Already all tucked into bed, well it’s is 10:00 pm here, and ready to take on probably just the beginning half of tomorrow. The afternoon I’m sure will involve a nap.

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