Last day in Amsterdam

Sorry, a little behind on the post, but yesterday was just a very relaxed day for us that then somehow ended too late to stay up and write. Yesterday was our sleep in day, Nd boy did us kids sleep in! We slept until almost 11 and got up to head to the pancake house across the road and off the canal. By pancakes they for sure meant crepes which were massive, oh and by bacon they mean ham.

After eating us kids wondered around for a while until we found the i Amsterdam sight, tried to look for two non existing book stores and then ended up back at the hotel for a little bit. After that we kinda just took time inside the hotel relaxing and the exploring outside. We went out to eat and did some shopping for everyone and then ended our afternoon with a late lunch, early dinner. Then dad and Cole headed back to the hotel and Laney, Dylan, mom and I headed to rent a addle boat. It was slightly hilarious and exhausting. And by exhausting I mean it looked exhausting watching Dylan and mom paddle. Also hilarious to watch the, try and figure out stealing the first minute or two and then hilarious to try and avoid the giant boats in the canals that we run by motors and not leg power. After that it was back to relaxing until I ran around later that night with the parentals. We got some coffees and really just wondered around and then ended at this place called Wok to walk. And boy was it delicious!! After that it was back to the room to pack up and get ready for our 7 hour train ride to Berlin today.

Oh and that’s all we did today was spend 7 hours on a train, but it was our last train ride of the trip. Kinda bitter sweet!

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