I AMsterdam

Today was our first full day in Amsterdam! We started the day with a two hour walking tour of Amsterdam. It was incredible to learn more about the history and also to have someone so familiar with the city show us all the top places. Our tour ended at the Anne Frank House. We weren’t able to go inside, because tickets sold out so quick! But still great to see. After that we went to their Ripleys believe it or not. We did a lot of walking and exploring and ended up eating lunch at Burger King! We also found a Dunkin Donuts!

After a lot of walking we headed back to the hotel to get some relaxation in and get changed and ready for our dinner cruise. We had an hour and a half pizza dinner cruise along the canals of Amsterdam. Always interesting being in a new country. They stopped the boat mid cruise to let people get off and smoke weed if they wanted to! The pizza was “New York style pizza” so it was good and it was unlimited drink and water, which we hadn’t had once the whole trip! After that we stopped at a toy store and tourist shop! And now we are ending our night at a very decent time!

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