New Years Plans

Well, not that I have anything exciting planned for this New Years I did check one thing off my bucket list last new years. New Years in New York! My Fiance, future brother in-law, and best friend spontaneously one day in September booked a trip to New York! We Spent 4 days there and had the time of our lives! I will be honest I we didn’t do the whole time square thing, because the idea of sitting outside from 4am to 2am the next morning freezing and unable to go to the bathroom just didn’t sound too fun to us! I’ve shared all our plans below as a guide to a cheap and awesome new years in New York!

Dates: 12/29-1/2

Hotel: Row NYC. This hotel is on 8th avenue and only a block from Time Square! The rooms were smaller, but we were all totally fine with 4 people in them. Every night that had a DJ in the bar/lobby area!


New Years Eve Plans: I actually can’t find the exact pub we spent New Years Eve, but I have shared the link to the site we used to find the deal! We spent about $170 a person to get in and had a reserved table, open bar, 2 free bottles of Vodka, and 1 bottle of champagne. It was an awesome deal! They had a DJ and had Time Square on a projector in the bar.


Trip Activities: Jordan and his brother had never been to New York so we tried to fit everything that was important into our trip. We visited Macy’s, Empire State Building (at night, I wish we would have done day time), Central Park, drinks at the Plaza, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and The Village (Friends lover over here). Pictures below from out trip!



OUTFITS: Disclosure: everything linked will most likely just be something similar since this was a year ago, but I’ll do my best!

Red Jacket Blue Jacket Brown Jacket Beanie Boots Sparkle Dress


I would love to hear about any fun trips you’ve taken to New York or New Years Eve plans!!

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