Meeting Me

Well, what better way to start a blog than with some random facts about me!


1.This whole Jo thing is new to me. My boyfriend Fiancè and I have the same name and its about time one of us started going by a nickname to make our lives easier…and so you guys don’t think I talk in the 3rd person.

2. I have an unhealthy addiction to Disney and could talk about trips, and movies all day long. My favorite character is Tink. Current favorite Disney song is How Far I’ll Go. My favorite Magic Kingdom Ride is Pirates of the Caribbean. 

3.I am a former Disney Character Performer.

4.I graduated with a degree in Industrial Distribution and currently work for an Automotive Company.

5. I didn’t get my 12 year old molars until I was 20.

6. I have 2 brothers (21, & 13) and a sister (17).

7. I could recite every Friends episode.

8. I am recently engaged to the greatest guy I have ever met (November 4th!) #WhichJordanGarner *2/09/2019

9. I’m a country music lover, but thanks to 2 friends and Jordan I’m way more open to new music.

10. My first concert was with my mom in 2nd grade. We saw Christina Agulara, Destiny’s Child, and those are the only 2 people my little mind could remember.

11. If I can do anything in a spreadsheet I will and it will be color coded.

12. I read 1 verse a night.

13. I’m attempting to read at least 20 books in the year 2018…we will see how that goes.

14. My water preference would be: River, Lake, Beach, Pool.

15. I’m very Monica in the sense that my “ass will sweat” if I think I have upset someone.

16. I love the idea of living in the city, but know I’m just going to end up in the suburbs.

17. My current favorite shoes are my brown block heel GBs, and my seafoam high-top Converse.

18. My one claim to fame was the one time you saw my face on an ESPN commercial for .5 second.

19. I auditioned to be a child actress and was too shy to read the lines of an Oreo commercial.

20. Oh and I’m 4’11″….and 1/2.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me, and I can’t wait to get to know you!


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