With it being Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to acknowledge all the things I am thankful for. If I’m being honest this time of the year has been a little bit of a struggle for me. I come from a super close family, and so this time is always filled with the best family time. It has been a struggle for me this time around because this time of the year last year is the last family time I got to spend with my dad. I’m so grateful beyond measure that it was the holiday season, because we got so much extra time with him. We were also living with my parents after we sold our first house, and waiting to close on our new house. Realizing we are coming up on a year and thinking of all the things I miss talking to my dad about has been really hard. But, there are still so many things I am grateful for.

My Husband: This man is the greatest man in the world. I can’t even put into words the amount of love I have for him, and how grateful I am for him to have come into my life. This past year has been a struggle and I couldn’t have ever done it without him right by my side. He is my rock

Our Son: With a lot of the things we have gone through in the last year being fertility related, I couldn’t be more grateful for our son. We are so blessed to have been given the chance to raise this tiny little human!

My Family: As mentioned above I come from a close family, and I have the greatest parents in the world who are the reason for that. I’m so grateful for the greatest mom out there, who is always there no matter what. For the 2 best brothers, who in their own way always make sure the family is protected. And my only sister who is the best built in best friend and one of the funniest people I know. I also will get a bonus sister next year and don’t think Cole could have chosen any better!

Extended Family: This covers them all, besides my immediate family. I am truly blessed to not only have the best extended family, but also the best in-laws! My aunts, uncles, and cousins have always been close knit and are always there when you need them. I also have the greatest mother, father, and brother in law anyone could ask for. All around I don’t think I could have hand picked a better family.

Friends: Im super thankful for every single one of my friends…near and far. For the ones I talk to regularly, and the ones that aren’t as frequent but pick up right where we left off. The people who have been there for me for so many years and new ones I’ve made along the way.

God: Last, and probably most I am so thankful for God. Thankful for every person he perfectly planted in my life. For every road he led me down. For showing me the way when my light went dark. For unanswered prayers, and then the answered. I am able to be thankful for everything and person in my life because of the purpose he has given me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to hug your loved ones as close as you can ever chance you get.

I thought this could be a fun weekly post of the outfits I wear throughout the week. Because my week switches between going into the office and working from home. So you get a good mixture of “Business Casual” and Comfortable/at home casual! 

So here we go!

Monday an in the office day, and to be honest I only can wear so many of my clothes these days pregnant but at least that helps that most of everything I’m wearing is non maternity! This outfit is nothing crazy, but was super comfy. These are the spanx faux leather leggings, I’m wearing them in maternity but I also have them in the regular. Then this tunic is from Nordstrom and I have it in MANY colors. I will have to say though the front fabric winkles very easily! Also linked some other similar tops!

Tuesday- Another office day and I actually had a lot of fun with this outfit. Just a skirt from Loft, and then I wore a normal sweater that I did the bra tuck in to show off the bump, before the bump I did it to help see more of the skirt and elongate my body.

Wednesday- Finally a day at home, which I relaxed a lot in my align lululemon leggings, and a comfy pullover. 

Thursday- Back in the office and rocking the same align leggings, some riding boots, and a longer SUPER comfy shirt. This is a maternity shirt, but can also be worn as non maternity. 

Friday- I was at home, but I did get dressed up in leggings, one of my favorite loft sweaters and these puffer jacket that comes in petite, which make the fit SO GOOD.

You Need a Budget

So, I think as a child it was for sure pushed on me the value of a dollar and making sure you save money! I still think that way and Jordan is very “you can’t take it with you”, so he and I make a really nice balance in our life together!

As you know we will be adding another member to our family in March which you need money for! To keep us on track and get to our goals we have set for ourselves I like to use the YNAB app. Which means you need a budget! I personally have been using it for 6 years and LOVE it. 

Step 1: Open a YNAB account! I used to use the manual program that was a one time fee and you downloaded it to the computer, but I now use their online version that will pull your transactions directly from your bank account! Use this link and get 1 month free! 

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